Discus Food

In order to keep your Stendker discus in best shape and colour, we recommend our discus frost food “GoodHeart” that is based on nourishing beef heart. The food is enriched with mineralizing trace elements and vitamins so that the discus will keep their weight and healthiness.

In our hatchery all discus fish are only fed with this food three times a day!

a) the proteins are good for the growth

b) vegetable portions like paprika powder are responsible for the digestion and the red colour of the fish

c) vitamins and minerals complete the high valency of our discus frost food

Since the end of 2008 the food is produced professionally by the company RUTO Frozen Fishfood B.V. in the Netherlands.

We offer our customers food bars of 500 g and food sausages (10 x 30 g). Both packings show product information for your customers, e.g. the contents of the food.

For more than 40 years our food helped us to breed such unique discus in form and size and made it possible for us to offer these fish to our clients.

We don't discuss about beefheart as the base of our discus food anymore. Our experience and our success speak for itself.

We reduce the due of fat in the food as much as we can to make sure that there is no burden for the digestive system of the discus or for the water in your tank.

Convince yourself of our high quality discus food - “Stendker Goodheart “